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Crushing Comfort Zones

Have you ever wondered what a sports day looks like at a dance studio? Forget the traditional oval, Dynamite lifted it to the next level when we took the Academy and Full-time students out bush to participate in the RAW Challenge.

The moment you arrive you know you’re about to experience something special. Set against a lush mountain backdrop is an obstacle course that looks like it has been lifted from the set of Ninja Warrior!

The anticipation really revs up after the hosts come flying out on buggies wearing fluorescent tutus and wigs. The DJ blares music across the field and the excitement turns electric - a sports day the DSA way!

The RAW challenge is about connecting, being challenged and working as a team. And this is exactly what happened. So, when Teiya got stuck in the mud it was her supportive team mates that helped her get out. It was also about crushing comfort zones. Naturally no one struggled with the dance station, but the mud and heights were a different story. There was no way Jade McLean was going to submerge herself in a pit of muddy water and pull herself along beneath a metal grate. There were tears, protests and in the end lots of screaming but she did it!

Most of all, there was no containing the laughter. Like when Hayley Renzella showed off her ADF flying skills at the end of the 50-metre slide to make a magnificent entry into a muddy pool. Or Lachie flying up the quarter pipe at the end of the course helped by his recently arrived height. And then there was the beaming smile of Texas he walked the course with his dog friends Bruce and Willis.

Now here’s the next problem, how do we top this next term?

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