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Here’s some good news for our parents, experts are now saying that dance is just as important as maths and science. We all know that dancing is good for the body, but new research is applauding the way dance improves wellbeing and academic performance.

Leading expert on education Sir Ken Robinson argues that dancing is as important as literacy and that it needs to have the same status in our schools. Obviously at Dynamite we have already achieved that!

According to Robinson, traditional education is preoccupied with teaching kids from the neck up. If we want to be serious about educating the whole child, we need to get the brains and the body moving and dance makes them move together! So, not only does dance offer joy and emotional release, it fires up the learning process.

One of the top skills our kids will need to succeed in the 21st century is creativity. Dance nurtures creativity. Our students bounce from genre to genre. In each class their brains are stimulated and the creative neurons fire and flare! Put simply, having access to a diversity of dance classes supercharges brain cells.

If you don’t believe that dancing accelerates learning growth take a look at one of our fasted learners at Dynamite, Harlow Bradbury. Just like all of our Ready Set Dancers Harlow is in the largest growth phase of her entire life. What is her top learning tool? Creativity! All her learning happens via singing, dance and play.

Sadly, for so many students this learning rate stops once they start formal school. That’s not the case for our students who continue singing, performing, creating and playing right through their teenage years. In fact, we think you would be foolish to ever stop!

Dance plays a pivotal role in helping kids reach their peak performance. Don’t stop dancing!

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