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Dream. Believe. Achieve. We always tell our kids to dream big. It’s the DSA way! But what exactly is the key ingredient that makes these dreams manifest?

Hard work!

Abbe always says that her main aim is to help students dream big and reach their fullest potential. How do you do this? The first step is to imagine what could be possible. The next step is what a lot of people don’t see and that’s the commitment, perseverance and endless hours of training.

Estee Lauder famously said, “I never dreamed of success. I worked for it.” All you need to do is take a tour of our studio to see this attitude in action. At Dynamite it’s the drive that goes with the dream that makes all of the difference.

A dream without action is just a fantasy.

Our passion is to turn dreams into realities. You can have the best mentors and choreographers but if you don’t invest the effort there’s no hope of seeing results. It’s basic maths: zero times zero equals zero!

Dynamite is well-known for our stand-out dancers, but most people don’t see the hours and hours of training it takes to reach that level. Many of our students are at the studio for up to twelve hours a day. And that’s before they go home to do stretch and technique exercises before going to bed!

And it’s not just the hours. The second part of our motto ‘Believe” also forms part of the hard work. Our students’ mindsets need to be just as robust as their bodies. So often they have to push past fear, self-doubt and exhaustion.

What’s the take away here? Success doesn’t just happen! No-one has said it better than our wonderfully talented Tayla Yarker, “Hard work is what I’m good at.”

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