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Can you remember what life was like before the virus? Remember when turning into Dalton Street was familiar? Like all of you, we can’t believe how quickly the world has changed. But in these crazy days we need to look for the positives and for us it’s our online platform that has made sure that all of our valued students still get to dance.

We understand that many of you have been hit hard by this virus. Now more than ever we are challenged to kickstart our positive thinking and be determined to turn adversity into opportunity. This is the approach we adopted, the moment our physical doors shut we went looking for new doors to open. Instantly we doubled down and within days we had launched our online delivery system. It was ‘all hands-on deck’ as we filmed content and Zoom took the place of the car park. The response from our family was incredible. Lounge rooms and garages became studios and it was business as usual! It takes remarkable spirit to adapt to change so quickly and we are so grateful that our dance family instantly ‘changed lanes’ with us but are still in for the long ride.

Where to now? As you know we are all shackled by the new restrictions and we all need to do our part to ensure that this virus doesn’t take hold in Australia the way it has in other nations. That means our online system needs to continue. What that also means is that your child will continue to train, learn and develop. Remember we are stopping the virus we are NOT stopping your child becoming their ‘best self’.

You can dance at home. You can learn at home. Take this as an exciting change and remember it IS temporary. Just enjoy watching Will or Marko from their lounge rooms and take it all as a bit of fun and feel confident that you are developing and growing at the same time. We’ve heard such wonderful feedback of parents joining classes and of dancers finding the confidence to push past comfort zones in the safety of their bedrooms.

We are offering a virtual smorgasbord of classes for you to take. On top of our formal classes there’s a plethora of extras. We have everything from mindfulness to cooking to fitness. We also have our specialist workshops still running, in fact our latest with Cat Santos was a huge success and the extra bonus of being online meant that people as far away as Western Australia could join in.

They say that in times of stress you find out what you’re really made of. Well, this test has just proven what a loyal and connected community we are so blessed to enjoy. We can’t control this, but we can control how we react. There’s no way we will allow this to dim any of our lights. So jump online, continue learning and make this a time of growth and transformation. The economy is in hibernation but we’re not, take this as a ‘cocoon phase’ and come out the other side ready to fly into your super future.

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