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It’s no secret that Dynamite prides itself on staying ahead of the game. This isn’t just on the stage but in the classroom as well.

Gone are the days that learning means sitting in a classroom staring at a teacher in front of a whiteboard. Education has changed and luckily we are synced to the skills kids need to flourish in the 21st century.

So, what exactly are we doing to get our kids future ready? Well, taking the lead from some of the top educational institutions from around the world we are using real-world projects to rapidly up-skill our students.

Why are we doing this? Because all of the research predicts that the type of person who will thrive in the future job market will be the mover and shaker, the entrepreneur, the risk-taker and the innovator.

How do we build these muscles in our students? We give them the opportunity to create, to lead, to collaborate, to communicate and innovate. You see we don’t just train students to perform we want them to lead the pack.

And that’s why at the beginning of the year we launched our 21st Century Choreography Competition. Each student has been invited to choreograph and perform a dance that communicates a social message.

Wait for it, here’s the best part - the winner stands the chance to have their performance showcased at Grad. Imagine that! Imagine being 14 and having your work performed alongside industry heavyweights such as Talia Fowler and Will Sabin.

Dynamite kids don’t shy away from challenges, so as you’d expect each student has jumped at the chance to become a creative leader and some very exciting pieces are being created. Stay tuned for updates on the making of our next Marko Panzic or Travis Walls from our very own studio!

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