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Updated: Jul 27

When should serious learning begin? As young as possible. Ideally you want learning to be fun and something that develops into a life-long pursuit. That’s why enrolling in a Ready Set Dance preschool program is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future.

A question that challenges most parents is how to give their kids the best start in life. What skills will best prepare them to succeed in the future? Owing to the digital revolution this is no longer clear. But one thing all futurists agree on is the critical importance of confidence and creativity. That’s why the role of dance in education has become more important than ever.

The earlier you start teaching this the better. There is a widely accepted myth that real learning starts with school. This couldn’t be further from the truth. During the preschool years the rate of learning growth is exponential. In addition to walking, toddlers are expected to learn a new language as well as developing social and emotional intelligence.

By any benchmark this is a lot! The challenge for parents is to find opportunities that offer the rapid activation of these skills. That is why Ready Set Dance is an ideal way to accelerate development. And here’s the best part – your child gets to learn while having fun!

The Top Three Benefits


Feeling confident is the centre-point of success at any stage in life. Why not imbue your child with a strong sense of self-worth at the earliest possible age? Dance classes offer the opportunity for socialisation and self-expression which translates into confidence.