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At Dynamite Studios Academy, you can count on us to provide an uncompromising level of dedication to the learning and growth of each student.


Our courses are continually reviewed, evaluated and redesigned to ensure they are compliant, of the highest quality, and meet the demands of students and standards of an ever-evolving industry. Dynamite Studios Academy has training and assessment strategies that have been developed in consultation with industry representatives from a broad cross-section of the performing arts.


Our cutting-edge courses translate into highly employable talent who can look forward to having a competitive advantage in the performing arts industry. The staff at Dynamite Studios Academy are working professionals who endeavour to challenge, encourage and develop your strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of your training. Our students benefit in many ways from the strong relationships that have been forged and nurtured with these experienced individuals.


Dynamite Studios Academy is home to the most versatile performing arts accredited courses in Australia. Not only does our RTO deliver the highest quality training in dance and musical theatre, but also in vocal, acting, and circus disciplines. Students have the opportunity to choose electives throughout their training with us to create a training regime that caters to their career goals, plans, and needs. This unique approach to our training is what sets our students up for versatile employment in the industry.

Ignite your potential today.


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In partnership with ZeeFi, students have the option to study now and pay later. ZeeFi is a specialised finance offering for students who require assistance in the financial component of their academic studies. Students enrolled at Dynamite Studios have the opportunity to seek assistance from Zeefi, who are dedicated to providing the necessary financial support options required to pay for their tuition fees.

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