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Private lessons at Dynamite Studios enable students to be mentored one-on-one with our industry-professional trainers and choreographers.


Private lessons can be requested through the form below, where students have the opportunity to note their preferred teacher, day, and time. While we will endeavour to fulfil these requests, we cannot guarantee the availability of a teacher or studio space.

  • READY SET MOVE (Walking Age to 2 Years)
    READY SET MOVE is a 45 minute creative movement and music class for toddlers and their grown up. This class consists of a variety of sections that involve the exploration of music and rhythm, sensory play, obstacle courses, and free dance movement which develops creativity with instruments, feathers, and bubbles. This program is catered to any grown-up (Mum, Dad, Grandparent, Uncle etc).
  • READY SET DANCE & READY SET BALLET (2 Years to 5 Years)
    READY SET COMBO is a ninety-minute Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet combo class of jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, singing, and music - and a whole lot of fun! The program caters to two levels (2-3 years, and 4-5 years), each of which encompasses age-appropriate dynamics for children to enjoy. Students enrolled in our READY SET COMBO classes have the opportunity to develop strength, control, balance, and achieve coordination milestones (such as skipping) before going to school. Through our ballet program, our preschool students develop body awareness, strength, and flexibility through both visual and auditory instruction. Our students have fun twirling with rainbow ribbons, swaying with feathers, and popping bubbles.
    Our Little Dynamites program is a 1-hour combination class that includes learning and mastering gymnastics, acrobatics, circus skills, as well as dance and music to stimulate physical and mental development. Classes are loads of fun, with a focus on the development of gross motor skills (such as jumping, running, climbing, and balancing), and an introduction to tumbling (such as somersaults, cartwheels, and handstands).
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